• Do I have to have any experience to be able to take the course?
  • Absolutely none! However you do need to practice the knowledge and techniques you have learnt in real life. In our course we will guide you towards obtaining competency.
  • I looked at your website, but I still have some queries, how can I get answers?
  • You can contact us by email [email protected] or completing Student/Inquire Information
  • What is your class size?
  • To be able to do the best teaching and training we can we enough time to practice on the mannequin, we have limited the class size to between 5 to 10 trainees.
  • Do I have to prepare for the course?
  • Bring a pen and a notebook, arrive on time and you will be ready! Everything else is provided.
  • I have booked and paid for the course, but now I cannot attend, Can I get my money back?
  • Click here Refund Policy